RED Paddle Titan II pump

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The Titan Pump. The world’s first purpose built, double chamber SUP pump – designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate you board by half. It comes with almost every board in the Red Paddle Co Range and, despite looking the same has been constantly re-designed since its inception to make it as efficient as possible. Constant innovation has meant we have tested the absolute boundaries of inflation technology and as such are confident there is nothing quite like the Titan pump. What’s more, it now comes with attachments to enable you to inflate anything from boards, to kites, airbeds and boats!


1. Twin Chamber Technology cuts the time and effort needed to inflate your board.

2. Pumps air out at 60 mph ensuring that you can inflate quickly.

3. Isolation Cap allows you to switch to a single pump when inflating to a high PSI, reducing effort vs a twin pump.

4. DFD (Designed for dismantling) means you can replace parts easily

5. Multi use across different inflatables such as airbeds, boats and kites.

6. Pressure Gauge shows an accurate reading of PSI whilst inflating.


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